Vienna Guide Yue Mayr

Vienna Guide Yue Mayr

My name is Yue Mayr, known as MoonGuide (Yue=Moon). I am from Asia, lived in America, and now setteled in Austria. So I span 3 continents, although I am small. Yet I am Big at my job – a licensed professional tour guide in Shanghai, New York City and Vienna! I have a degree of Economics from Fudan University. I speak perfect Mandarin, fluent English and good German. During my 15 years guiding service (Shanghai – New York – Vienna), I have been praised by the most sophisticated travelers: professional, knowledgeable, personable, funny, spunky…

我叫吕月,江湖人称月导。复旦大学经济学毕业。亚洲出生,曾于美洲生活,现永居欧洲。横跨三大洲,尽管本人比较短小,但作为专业官方地陪可谓巨人(上海-纽约-维也纳)—— 持三国导游证,从业15年来获无数个赞:知识丰富,幽默风趣,亲和大气。丰富的生活经历使得我对世界文化人性理解透彻。德语良好,英文流利,普通话堪称完美……此处省略一千字

Yue Mayr



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